Our Goats
At Kauai Kunana Dairy our goats are the most valuable part of our farm and we treat them as such.  They all have names and are shown great amounts of love through daily contact with humans. They graze on lush pastures which makes up 90% of their diet.  They're milked twice a day and are rewarded during milking by a delicious treat of grains and oats for everything they provide us.
Honey & Beeswax

We manage approximately 20 beehives on the farm that are kept for pollination of our fruits and vegetables.  On top of their pollinating duties we also harvest honey to bottle and sell at the farmers markets and beeswax which we turn into our beeswax body products such as Lipbalms and Salves.


CSA Deliveries and pickups every Wednesday and Saturday!!!


Saturday Delivery Area is Hanalei to Lihue


Wednesday Delivery Area is Hanalei to Poipu


For Saturday Delivery ordering deadline is Wednesday.


For Wednesday delivery ordering deadline is Sunday



Fruits and Vegetables

Here on the North Shore of Kauai we have 8 acres of very fertile soil where we grow Organic fruits and vegetables for our CSA program, farmers markets, local stores and restaraunts.  We grow over a 100 different types of crops that you can find available all year round.  Find us at any of our farmers markets.  

Farmers Markets
The easiest way to select from our diverse array of products is to catch us at one of the many farmers markets we sell at.  We sell at 4 different markets throughout the Island on 2 different days.
Waipa 1 mile past Hanalei from 3:30-5:30
Hanalei from 9:30 - 12:00
Kilauea from 9:00 - 12:00
Our Cheese

All our Artisian cheese are made in small batches from fresh millk from our small family of goats.  We make a large variety of seasoned and unseasoned chevres as well as goat milk feta.  Occasionaly you may find some aged cheese but that is only seasonal.  Our goats are kept in the cleanest enviroments which results in clean tasting cheeses.

Farm Kitchen

In our on farm commercial Kitchen we don't only make our delicious goat cheese but a large variety of kitchen specialties made from farm grown ingredients.  Sarah is a master baker always coming up with delicious treats that you can find at the Farmers markets.  Ryan specializes in our delicious juices, pestos, sauces, salsas and honey.  We always have new creations so make sure to keep checking in. 

To purchase baked goods or any of Sarahs products go to www.cravingsofkauai.com

Aloha kākou from the Goat-lady and Mama Pajama at Kunana!!

I asked my super, amazing, wonderful, resourceful son, Ryan Wooton, to post this letter to our web-page.

It is hard to express with words how GRATEFUL  I am for the island-wide response to our new Marketing Model for getting Kaua’i Grown and Kaua’i Made food out to our neighbors.

When we saw our farmers’ markets close and our restaurant accounts cease in mid-March, Ryan did an almost immediate 180˚pivot to develop the Kauai Kunana CSA and Home Delivery service.  There are also no words to express how PROUD I am that Ryan possess all of the qualities of a Born and Bred Farmer. RESILIENT, RESOURCEFUL, OPTIMISTIC, PERSEVERING, AND DETERMINED.

I am so perpetually GRATEFUL for my amazing husband, Bob, who also jumped into action to build me an assortment of cheese presses so we could manufacture aged cheeses without having to dump milk or dry off our herd of milking goats.  Stand by to try these cheeses when they are aged to perfection!

I am so PROUD of our neighboring farmers who have joined us in this effort by helping us fill those boxes and baskets which we deliver to the community.  They must receive the recognition they deserve:

Kailani Farms, Meephol Farms, Wooten’s Produce, Viva Rains Farm, and Glory Farms. 

The sweet baked goods in your bags are the product of Cravings of Kaua’i which is owned by our sweet daughter-in-law, Sarah.  The amazing bread has been baked by Ron Miller of The Hukilau.  Ron and Chrissie helped us with our Wednesday delivery route up until this week.  They are now opening Hukilau on a limited menu and we hope everyone will support them in this effort.

I am HUMBLE to think of all of the challenges that are being met and overcome by our greater Kaua’i Ohana weekly, daily, hourly.  An interesting comment on social media this week was that we are not all in the same boat.  We are all in the same storm, for sure, but each of us has to navigate the storm waters on our own.  Having lived through two hurricanes here and now this Covid-19 challenge, I do believe that being on a tiny island does make us closer than being in a greater population.  I cannot think of any other place I would rather be to weather this storm.


Me ke ha’a ha’a,


Louisa Wooton


© Kauai Kunana Dairy 

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